Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Well hello to all. Its seems like its been forever. We have had a VERY busy summer and things seem as if they are continuing to go faster than I. School has started back for everyone, including me. The boys have all started a new school this year. Previously they were attending Finley but now we moved them to Lara Kendall in Ridgely. Which by the way, is a great school!! I, myself, am back in college as of Monday at DSCC. The classes are going OK. I have to take a theatre class which should be interesting to say the least! I also have a small job here at the school as a tutor. Because I maintained a 3.5 GPA my first year, they called and asked if I would be interested in being a tutor on campus. Yeah, I a tutor. It sounded funny to me too. I thought it was a prank when they first called to ask me. Its a paying job so its a great opportunity for me here at DSCC. We are officially done with baseball for now. Langdon made All-Stars through our league ball team in Tiptonville and Parker made All-Stars with his Tee-Ball team. Langdon also has a lot of opportunities to play travel ball with teams as far away as Nashville and even a team in Mississippi!! We are very proud of all of them. Parker will be celebrating his 6th birthday tomorrow. Time is going faster than it ever has. We will try and post some pictures tomorrow of the baseball seasons that we have all played in. We also went to Branson over the summer. Of course we had to fit it in between baseball!!! Branson was OK but my heart has always been with going to Gatlinburg. That's my favorite place in the world. We are also in the process of starting our own travel ball team and we are looking for sponsorships. It takes around $4000 to start a team and play 3 tournaments a month for 5 months during the summer. But things are going better than expected with that. Carre and I have been in different places each weekend during the summer. Parker was playing in tee-ball tournaments all over West Tennessee and Langdon was in All-Star tournaments and travel ball at the same time all over the place including Southaven,Mississippi. So we have been kinda seperated...but dont worry we are back together now. Carre is ready for baseball to be over for good and I am trying to start a team to begin play in October!!! Polar opposites..but thats OK. We are very excited about the furture and what lies ahead. Maybe tomorrow I'll post some pictures and some stories and some of the tournaments and places we were able to go and play.


Monday, April 13, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

It's that time of the year again. Baseball season!!! More importantly, youth baseball season. We have three boys that would rather play baseball than breathe. I guess we are very lucky. Most kids enjoy sitting in front on the T.V. playing their video games. Our boys enjoy that also, but if you say "Lets go outside and pitch",they have their ball bags ready before you can get out the door. I've had some parents say to me that baseball seems to take over our life at this time of the year. It is just a coincidence that most of the time their child isn't the most talented when it comes to the baseball diamond!!!!
The past years Cam and Parker have played on the same league. NOT THIS YEAR!!! Now we have three boys that are on three separate teams. Actually we have three boys that on 5 different teams. I'll explain that later. Now we have to run back and forth from field to field to catch a glimpse of our child playing in his game. Let me rephrase that, Carre has to run back and forth. I'm helping coach Langdons team. Coaching looks easy when you are sitting in a fold up chair in the crowd, but on the field it is VERY different.

Langdon is actually playing for three, yes 3, different teams. He is playing for Agrillance in Lake County for the Call Ripken League. He is also playing on a travel team being put together by the Cal Ripken Board of Directors out of Lake County. He has also been asked to play for the Dyersburg Dragons,yet another travel team. The Dragons will play in Dyersburg, Jackson, Munford, Covington, Millington and 2 more tournaments yet to be decided. WOW!! He is only 9 years old. Now I know what some of you are thinking. I can hear you now. "His daddy is making him do all of that". Yeah right. He wants to play more. He does something with baseball everyday, whether it is baseball season or not. His new schedule is/ Monday-games, Tuesday-practice, Wednesday-practice in Dyersburg, Thursday-games, Friday-practice or games, Saturday-practice in Dyersburg!!!!!! He does all this and is still a Honor Roll student!!!
Some people don't understand the obsession for baseball at 9 years old. My wife doesn't seem to get it. But in 9 more years when he is getting ready to graduate high school and if he continues being in love with baseball, colleges will beg him to come to school there.

Monday, March 2, 2009


What a weekend!!! The Lord has been so good to us this weekend. We left on Friday morning to head to Arkansas for a Bible Conference. There were about 20 of us ,I think. It was the best time I've ever had . The Lord showed up and showed out!!! The preaching was GREAT(most of it) and the singing was the best(most of it again). Those that went know what I mean by most of it. It is so much fun getting together with King James Bible believers. We might disagree on who the 2 witnesses will be(Bro. John) but there is one thing we never debate and that is that the King James Bible is the book, the only book, and God's book!!! That would be a good place to say AMEN!! The host church put us all up in a motel together. We even had some of the front desk workers from the motel come and join us on Saturday night at the conference.

When Carre and I left on Sunday afternoon we were on the spiritual mountain top. Everything was great, until the devil butted in. Going back home we knew we would run into some left over snow and maybe a little bit of ice but we were hoping it wouldn't be anything serious. As we left to get onto I-55 in West Memphis everything looked great. Carre was asleep. She could sleep thru a tornado!!! Then in about 20 miles everything change. Traffic was backed up !!! For what, we did not know. We drove for the next 3 hours at 5-10 miles per hour. Now remember this was only a 3 1/2 hour drive to get there. The drive back to Dyersburg took 7 1/2 hours!!!

The devil knew exactly what he was doing. Sometimes I get the impression that the devil hates us. While we were there, some from our group got very sick. They couldn't even leave their room. Then it slowly started to hit other people in our group. Hunter, Max, Tony, Bro. Jack and others were all laid up in bed sick!!! The devil hates us!!! I think even little Jon Caden got sick. Most of the time we make an attempt to make everyone like us. I said MOST OF THE TIME!!! We try to be nice to them. We say real spiritual things like 'I'm praying for you'. But the devil hates us. I'm glad I have a group of people around me that the devil hates. He hates our church. He hates Bro. Jeremy and his family. He hates Bro. John and his family. I like it that way. I wouldn't wont to be around a group of people that the devil likes. I like being apart of something that is so hated by the devil that he has to work overtime to see to it that things don't run smoothly. I like it that way!!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009


I must tell you, school this semester has been rather interesting. I'm taking a Speech class!!! Can you believe it?!!! This is a different kind of Speech class. I have stood up in front of people and spoke and it really doesn't bother me too much. But in this class, you have to use CORRECT grammar!!! Instead of saying goin' you must say going. This has been harder than it should be for a person that is suppose to know how to speak English. I've already given my first speech and it went pretty well. I tried to make people laugh and use humor as my shield to hide behind. Imagine that. The next speech will be the hardest. We all had to pick topics that mean something to us and attempt to give the speech in hopes of getting the rest of the class to see your view point. We had to send out surveys to the members of the class on the subject and see what your classmates already know about the subject. The hard part was when I had to look up some info on my subject on the Internet. It was very hard to sit thru and look at some of the things that are available. My subject is on Abortion. Why it is murder??!! WOW!! I know, what a great topic to do in a class with people who can barely pick their clothes out on their own!!! You would be amazed at some of the responses I received back form the class. One of my questions was," Do you know anyone, including yourself, that has has an abortion" . The class didn't have to sign their name to the paper so you never knew who the responses came from. But, in a class of 25 people, 7 people either have had or know of someone that has had a abortion!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE RIGHT!!! I could not believe that . I still can't. Well anyway, I am going to post some of the good pictures that I have found and you can decide for yourself.

Please pray for all those that have made the decision to abort a baby and those that are faced with the decision maybe now.

Jeff W Gordon

Friday, February 13, 2009


Happy Hearts Day ! This is me and my sweetheart , Jeffrey. The House of Gordon is not into all the lovey dovey mushy stuff, but we do express how we feel about each other and we do say that we love each other all the time. I feel that it is very important to tell the people that you love how much they mean to you.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This past weekend we all loaded up in the car and headed to Memphis. I know Memphis is not the ideal place to spend a weekend. We wanted to get away from the house, cell phones, and everything else that ruins a person day at home. We decided to take the boys to Graceland. What a time we had!! It was so much fun. The place was not very crowded so the boys got to look and see everything they wanted to. We also stayed at the Heartbreak Hotel. We had a package deal that included tickets to the mansion and all the other stops you could make while on the property. I know what some of you are thinking-"Why would they go to Graceland?" First of all, my wife loves Elvis music. Now we have not decorated our house in Elvis memorabilia. She probably would not go that far. But you dont hear music like that anymore. Alot of people think Elvis was a bad person because of the way he died. But we all have seen videos of him gathered around a piano with other singers and singing gospel songs like "Amazing Grace". Elvis would always get emotional during these songs because, I think, he knew who he was singing about. In the times we live in now, Baptist dont even get excited over "Amazing Grace" anymore!!!
I have a lot of pictures but I dont want to fill up alot of pages so if anyone has an idea of how I can put them on this page without taking up your whole day looking at them, please share. Maybe a slde show of something, I dont know. Here are just a few of them.

Here are some pics of the boys and their best Elvis impersonation. Cams was awesome!!!!


Friday, February 6, 2009

-----------HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMERON-------

Today is Cam’s birthday, he is 7. We are very lucky to have him and that we are very blessed to be celebrating another birthday. Cameron was born not breathing. After probably about a minute or so, he started to breath and we were so glad to hear crying. The doctor said that if he would have not started breathing when he did, he would have been brain dead or have severe brain damage. He was born with the cord wrapped around his neck twice. He was a big baby and had a lot of bruising on his face from labor but he was still a very beautiful baby boy . I love all of my children and I can’t say that I have one that I favor over the other, but Cam has a HUGE heart. I call him the lover of the family, he is always wanted to be petted and loves to gives hugs and kisses a hundred times a day. We have been so blessed to have 3 healthy children. So often we take for granted their smiles, laughs or a funny sound they make. Happy Birthday Cameron , Mom loves you. Who would have thought a black haired baby would turn into a blonde haired boy that loves to dig in the dirt, play ball and video games .

Carre B Gordon